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WAVE Drowning Detection Systems

هنا تبدأ السباحة الآمنة.

Hi Jamie,


I hope you are very well.


I was out to dinner last night with my daughter, Chelsea, and her friends, Jack and Ryan Met, who were joined by their girlfriends/fiancees. Chelsea is signed by the same record label and sang at the tree lighting ceremony at the South Street Seaport. It was really a fun night.


Anyway, Jack and Ryan were telling us about the dinner Monday night where they met you, and it reminded me to reach out again and touch base regarding WAVE.


I’m attaching our latest investor update (Q3) although since then we’ve had more sales and more opportunities. WAVE is quickly becoming the leading swimmer safety system in the country with more customers than any other drowning detection technology. 


But truly, this is just the beginning.


I know that perhaps the commercial aquatics market may not be your “thing”, but with our growing success and brand recognition, moving into the consumer market with a home product to make pools “safe and smart” is our next logical step. Our patented technology is already there to actively protect swimmers. By implementing AI and video as well, we can protect non-swimmers (toddlers, pets) by alerting if any enter a preset zone around the pool/water area. This would truly be the ultimate safety product to address what remains a leading cause of accidental death of children (and adults).


Your participation can be as little or as much time/money that makes sense for you. Either way, your involvement will surely help springboard the company to the next level– dominating the commercial and consumer aquatics market both in the US and abroad (where we’ve had unsolicited inquiries from over 20 countries to work with us).


Jamie, please consider learning more about us. We’re a small passionate team dedicated to succeeding and truly changing the world for the better with a great technology.


I look forward to your thoughts, and thank you for your time and consideration.


Dave Cutler

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انضم إلينا في منع المآسي

أثناء بناء مشروع تجاري كبير. 

يكتشف  لوح



ارسل لنا عبر البريد الإلكتروني

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